Swimming Nose Plug

Swimming Nose Plug
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How to Swim With Nose Plugs

How to Swim With Nose Plugs. Part of the series: Swimming Tips & Techniques. We use nose plugs to simplify the breathing process. Find out all about how to swim with nose plugs with help from...

How to Use Nose Clips for Swimming

How to Use Nose Clips for Swimming. Part of the series: LS - Important Swimming Tips. A swimmer has to exhale when their face is down in the water and inhale when it's time to breathe. Get...

Speedo Competition Nose Clip Review

Please donate here to help support these reviews: http://bit.ly/1KOua2Z --------------------- Whether you're a backstroker or any type of swimmer who get's water up your nose a lot and you're...

Backstroke - Nose Plugs

Having a successful push off in backstroke means being able to stay underwater long enough to take advantage of your underwater dolphin. Since this is about a tool, there won't be the typical...

How to Avoid Breathing in Water through Your Nose | Fear of Water

In this video, you will learn how to avoid inhaling water through your nose. This online tutorial targets people who want to learn how to swim. By now you'll be getting comfortable breathing...

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