Swimming Equipment

Swimming Equipment
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What's In My Swim Bag? // Vlog 13

September 23rd 2015. Previous Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA4WIfr3vo8 Thought it may be interesting to share what type of swimming equipment I use! Please subscribe if you haven't...

Swimming Gear: What you need and why!

Triathlon Swimming Gear: Taren's Swim Bag Essentials

What triathlon swimming gear is a beginner triathlete to get when they start out in triathlon? Taren goes through his swim bag essentials to show you what swimming gear you should get if you're...

What's In My Swim Gear Bag? New From Jolyn!

Today I'm showing you what's in my gear bag!! I hope you enjoy! 🙂 ~~~~ Please support SwimLifeGuru by using my affiliate links below! It is greatly appreciated!!! ~~~~ Products Used/Featured:...

Essential Equipment For Beginner Swimmers

https://www.simplyswim.com/blogs/blog/essential-equipment-for-beginner-swimmers Not too sure what equipment you need when you start swimming? Well lucky for you we have come up with an essential...

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