Outdoors Water Bottle

Outdoors Water Bottle
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Plastic vs. Stainless Steel Water bottles for Backpacking, Hiking, Camping, and Survival

Which water bottle style is better for what you plan to do? Let's compare the pros and cons of both plastic and stainless steel water bottles. How to make a koozie: https://youtu.be/63RUEfUY-5A...

Outdoor Products Water Bottle Review from Walmart

A review of the 500ml Outdoor Products Water Bottle from Walmart. Well priced at about $3 The Pavement Pirate: http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePavementPirate/videos.

Awesome water bottle tip! | TA Outdoors

Graeme Pullen shows you an awesome water bottle tip. He uses a plastic water bottle to make a DIY water mixer. It helps when you have a tap that runs too hot and too cold, you use the water...

Hiking Tips: Water Bottle vs Water Bladder

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water bottles for the outdoors

some ideas for water containers you can take into the wilderness.

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