Outdoors Ethernet Cable

Outdoors Ethernet Cable
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#016: Some tips for running copper Ethernet cable outdoors

Mind you, this is Southern California so the weather doesn't get TOO bad, but a lot of the points are common throughout the land: make sure it's well sealed / insulated, add your drip loops, etc.

Optimize your cable runs at home! - Installing an exterior Cat 5e cable

Spotty network connections are totally unacceptable. ESPECIALLY in my own home. So I settle for nothing but the best... Full wired, baby! Massdrop link: http://dro.ps/ltt-x00 Corsair link:...

Improving WIFI Coverage: Running a Sun Exposed Ethernet Cable on the Roof

We run a cheap CAT5e line on the roof to improve the WIFI coverage at our home. The run will be exposed to direct sun light, high temperatures, and rain (tropical weather). We tried to buy...

How to install an external and internal cable

Hi, this video explains how to run an external and an internal cable. The same technique applies to telephone, data, aerial, satellite and most low voltage cables. Hope you enjoy the video...

100m Outdoor CAT6 Ethernet Network Cable


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