Luggage Lock Replacement Keys

Luggage Lock Replacement Keys
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How to Open TSA Lock Without a Key | LIFE HACKS

Hey guys I recently lost the keys to my suitcase, I contacted the company for a replacement key. But of course I needed something in it ASAP and discovered this hack and thought I'd share!...

How To Replace RV Storage Locks - No More CH751 Keys

My key may open the compartments on your RV! Not very secure right? They are called CH751 keys and lots of folks have them. This EASY DIY solution will secure your compartments by upgrade the...

(picking 370) TSA 002 suitcase lock decoded and picked [easy] - a present from my son 🙂

My son was at IKEA with my wife and brought home this TSA lock for me. What a nice gesture. Let's have a close look to this low security padlock. It picks open in seconds and decodes just little...

TSA 002 Luggage Lock- Secure???

Found a stupid easy way to unlock the TSA 002 locks. Sorry for the poor quality, this was taken with my blackberry.

How to Open Locked Suitcases/Baggage without a Key

I show how locked suitcases and baggage can be opened without using a key. I demonstrate 2 methods, the first one by lock picking and the second one by using a pen to disconnect the zipper....

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