Hunting Jewelry For Women

Hunting Jewelry For Women
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Hunting GOLD jewelry with a metal detector

Each detector will give different ID numbers for gold rings. But one very important thing to remember is, most of the gold jewelry lost has been by women and young girls. Over 80% of the...

Relic Hunting in the Cedar Forest

Hey Y'all! In this video I'm searching for hidden treasures in a cedar forest. It got kinda crazy ducking all the tarantula hawks flying by and dodging the fire ant hills but I still had...

Day#2 Beach Treasure Hunting in the Bahamas

Hey Y'all! Here is day 2 of me searching for treasure on the beach in the Bahamas! I find more super interesting relics while exploring and metal detecting on the beach, and under the water...

Lucky Woman Opened a Clam and Found THESE Inside!

Women who like wearing jewelry usually love diamonds, gold, and silver. Other women prefer pearls. Pearls are beautiful, hard gems that come in white, red, gray, blue, green, and black. They...

Fly The Coop: Fox Hunting By MC Swab

Fox Hunting has been around for centuries. These huntsmen and women love to go back in time and Tally HO! Have an idea for me? I'd love to hear it - contact...

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