Hunting In The Highlands

Hunting In The Highlands
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Hunting in the Scottish Highlands

Niall Rowantree is the head game keeper and professional hunter of West Highland Hunting and passionate about wildlife management and strong defender of the red deer and is involved in different...

Hunting Wild Deer in the Scottish Highlands (Part 1)

We went to the Scottish Highlands to try our hand at hunting and skinning free range deer. Watch part 2 here: Check out the Best of VICE here:

Red Deer stalking in the Scottish Highlands

Red Stag Stalking in the Scottish Highlands

"Red Stag Stalking in the Scottish Highlands" - We take the sleeper train from London to Scotland equipped with a 300 Win' Mag' for the last day of the season for red stags and the final days...

Sika Hind Hunting in the Highlands, Winter 2018

Hunting for Sika hinds in the Highlands on Game Management Scotland Ground Be aware there is footage of culled animals.

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