Hunting For Kids

Hunting For Kids
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Cute video of a little boy's duck hunting adventure gone wrong . Will our little hunter survive a giant bull frog attack ?

Next Generation Hunting Brings You 1st rabbit for 2 kids on the same day I took my youngest daughter our for her first rabbit hunt with a 410. We had great dog work and on our very 1st race my daughter,...

First Bucks! Deer Hunting With The Kids (#318)

Deer hunting with the Pro-Staff kids! In these hunts the boys get their first bucks! These are exciting hunts that will bring back memories for every deer hunter that has...

Hunting Deer: 10 Point Crossbow Used By A Kid To Kill His First Deer at 45 Yards

Adrian Jr. uses a 10 Point Crossbow to Kill his First Deer at over 40 Yards. This is throw back footage because he has killed many deer since then. It is still a great memory and we are happy...

Bow hunter getting death threats for teaching kids; Man shoots pot arrow at prison - Compilation

1. Depending on your perspective, Jen Cordaro is either a deranged murder machine or a thoughtful consumer who's decided to sidestep the corporate farms and the caged meat industry in favour...

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