Hunting First Aid Kit

Hunting First Aid Kit
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First Aid Kit For Hunters

Do you carry a trauma kit when you hunt? How about when you are enjoying the outdoors? Accidents can happen when we are least expecting it! You may be hours or days from a hospital to get the...

Backcountry First Aid Kit in a Kifaru Pullout

Part 2: What's inside? My first aid kit. Like/follow us on & Instagram @Coloradohunterhiker.

Building Your First Aid Kit: 2016 Update

A well stocked, portable med kit, that you are knowledgeable with is extremely important. Regardless if it is at home, the work place, in the car, or in the outdoors. In this video I will...

Hunting & Hiking Backcountry First Aid Kit

My First Aid Kit for Bushcraft, Fishing & Wild Camping

I've received a number of requests to do a video on a basic first aid kit for Bushcraft, Fishing and Survival. This is my first aid kit, it is tailored to suit my needs, your needs might be...

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