Hunting Equipment

Hunting Equipment
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(How to Hunting) Randy Newberg's Bag Dump - Base Hunting Gear Package

Hunting with Randy Newberg does a Bag Dump. Everyone has a different type and amount of gear in their pack, based on hunting styles, hunting location, and species. It is the culmination of...

What Gear do I Need for Deer Hunting?

In this video I share all the gear I take with me into the deer woods. LEARN TO HUNT with the Wild Harvest Whitetail 101 Course:

Deer Hunting Kit

Leave a comment or post a response video detailing what you carry. Check out my video on setting your zero to achieve maximum point blank range: My gear for deer...

Coyote Hunting Equipment

Join Southern Extreme T.V. team member Blake Myers as he breaks down what you need to get started coyote hunting and some new gear that you will want to add to your coyote hunting arsenal.

Bushcraft Equipment: 1 to 5 day hunting pack

This is just a short video of the kit I take and use 90% of the time I'm in the outdoors. It's good for around 1 to 5 days most of the year in the UK before you need a larger pack. It's...

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