Hunting Ear Muffs

Hunting Ear Muffs
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Choosing Electronic Hearing Protection

I have used several types of electronic hearing protection over the years. I talk about 3M Peltor Tactical Sports, 3M Peltor TEP-100's, Howard Leight Impact Sports and MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X...

Hear Like You've Never Heard Before While Protecting Your Hearing

For over 25 years Walker's has developed innovative solutions for hearing protection & enhancement. The Walker's line of Game Ear products are widely considered the industry standard for...

Hearing Protection Ear Plugs vs. Muffs | Personal Defense Network

Protect your hearing during live-fire range training and practice. Rob Pincus shows a variety of hearing protection ear plugs and ear muffs. He explains what the NRR (Noise Reduction Rating)...

Hunter Benefits: Clarus Pro Hearing Protection Headset in the Field

Hear the bear. Stop the Bang! The benefits of the Clarus Pro Electronic Hearing Protection headset for hunting are demonstrated. Hear game better but dampen the blast of your guns.

BEST EAR PRO FOR THE PRICE? - $20 Ear Protection | Pro For Sho Ear Muff Review

Pro For Sho Ear Protection - How does this $20 pair of ear muffs stand up against the industry standard Howard Leight Impact Sport ear muffs at half the price? Grab...

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