Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ghost Hunting Equipment
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How to put together a basic starter ghost hunting kit

Virginia Paranormal Investigations visits Kmart in Tabb, Va to find items for a basic starter ghost hunting kit. Check out this edition of VAPI Tool Box. Featuring RCA digital voice recorders,...

Top 5 Tools For Ghost Hunting

Here are our top 5 tools for someone getting started in ghost hunting. From beginner to experienced professional paranormal investigator, these are all pieces of equipment to bring on your...

DEBUNKED: Ghost Hunting Equipment

This video is not intended to offend or discourage anyone from conducting paranormal research. I am merely presenting facts to clear up misconceptions about ghost hunting with the intention...

Our Equipment. What we use to collect Paranormal Evidence

By request! A video showing our "Travel Case", a Pelican 1600 filled with all kinds of goodies but only useful goodies. To collect evidence you do not need 3/4 of this but this is what we use...

Top 5 BEST! | Cheap GHOST HUNTING Equipment | Budget Tech For PARANORMAL Investigators

Heres the Paranormal-X team top 5 cheapest ghost hunting equipment and tech check list for those on a budget looking to get into the paranormal! EVP recorder, K2 EMF meter, spirit ghost box,...

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