Flippers For Swimming Kids

Flippers For Swimming Kids
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NEW KIDS FLIPPERS AND SNORKEL FOR JOSS Sunday 7th July 2016 We're going to Barry and Cheryl's for lunch today and to go swimming! So first stop is to pop into town to get Joss some...

How to Swim with Flippers | Fear of Water

In this video you'll learn how to swim using flippers, or swim fins it's a great workout and good fun too! This video is part of a series all about overcoming a fear of water, see the full...

Choosing The Right Fins To Develop Your Swimming

Swim Smooth's Paul Newsome gives his recommendation on what fins to choose to best develop your swimming technique. You can purchase such a pair (Finis Floating Fins) here: http://www.swimsmooth.co...

How to Kick With Swim Fins

How to Kick With Swim Fins. Part of the series: Swimming. When you kick with swim fins on you gain speed, helping you learn what that faster motion feels like, but the fins require a few adjustment...

Funny kid dancing in swimming flippers!

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