Fitness Over 40

Fitness Over 40
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Over 40? Best Method of Training!

How we exercise becomes increasingly important the older we get; the loss of muscle mass due to the aging process is a big deal to our overall health and independence! The natural loss of muscle...

What Men Over 40 Need To Eat In Order To Get Six Pack Abs

How men over 40 can achieve the body they deserve: Hey guys, today I'm going to show you everything you guys 40 and up need to know about nutrition in...

Can I still TRANSFORM my body when OVER 40?

Thought it never possible? This video will take your through a motivational tour and provide you with absolute proof how it can be done. You CAN transform your body after 40 to a shredded muscled...

WHAT DOES BODYBUILDING DO TO YOUR BODY? (Over 40 fitness journey )

FB How bodybuilding (weight training) can rebuild and rehab your body and why it is an especially good choice for women over 40. I have been training moderately...

Is Over 40 The Best Fitness Class?

Is Over 40 The Best Fitness Class? What do you think of these strong powerful women? Let me know in the comment section below. Enjoy Music by: Fire Within by .

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