Fitness 3 In 1

Fitness 3 In 1
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Rep Fitness 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box Assembly Instructions

This wooden plyo box is built like a tank, and is useful for CrossFit* style workouts because we have the prescribed WOD heights. Each box gives you 3 different height options, just flip it...

How to Build a DIY 3 in 1 Plyo Box with One Sheet of Plywood

We're making a 3 in 1 plyometric jump box out of one sheet of plywood. Save the $130 you'd give to Rogue, spend $30 on a sheet of plywood, and get some exercise while building your 3 in 1 plyo...

Making a Plyo Box / DIY 3-in-1 Plyometric Box

Turn a single sheet of plywood into a plyometric workout box. This box is strong because of the joining method and does not count on screws for structural strength. This type of box is popular...

titan fitness 3-1 soft plyo boxes

Titan fitness 3-1 soft plyo box Good for: 1.Garage gym 2.Taking your gym equipment everywhere you go. 3.Fear of jumping to regular box jump. Cons: 1.MAde in CHINA! 2.Light duty weigh in at...

How To Build An Easy 3-in-1 CrossFit Jump Box With A Single Sheet Of Plywood Video

Note: At second 1:22 I should have said 28.5 not 28. I correct this a minute later, but some don't catch this.*** Build a plyometric, Crossfit-style jump box with nothing more than one...

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