Fishing Yarn

Fishing Yarn
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-Steelhead Orange UV Yarn- Winter Steelhead Fishing

A nice chrome hen is fooled by our new Steelhead Orange UV Yarn. This egg pattern uses our Steelhead Orange, Red and White UV Yarn colors and makes a killer egg. You can find out more at...

How to tie the Double Egg Loop Knot and Steelhead Yarn Ball

This HD video shows how to create a steelhead/salmon yarn ball or puff ball as well as how to tie the Double Egg Loop Knot.

-How to make Yarn Balls (Yarnies)- Steelhead Stalkers Fishing Video Tutorial

High Definition Video Tutorial on how to make Yarn Balls for Steelhead Salmon and Trout fishing!

Making Yarn Balls - and the Secret To Catching More Fish With Them

Veteran steelhead guide Troy Whitaker frequently uses roe for salmon and steelhead. Nevertheless, most of the time he'll use yarn balls in conjunction. Whitaker wants his clients fishing with...

River Fishing for Beginners: Corkie and yarn

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