Fishing Wire

Fishing Wire
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Easy Way to Fish Wires in Wall & locate Studs

DiY How to Fish wires in wall locate studs & avoid fire breaks aka FireBreak meaning "fire block" use fishrod, fishtape for running wiring and cables behind in walls, Magnepull is strongest...

How to Pull Cable Through Existing Wooden Walls

John from the CableSupply Team shows how to pull cable through an existing wall, while drilling through a stud, with the Greenlee D'VersiBIT System Flexabit System by Greenlee DBITKIT Reference:...

How To Use Fish Rods for Pulling Cables

Learn how to use fish rods for pulling cables. Also learn about the available lengths, flexibilities, and accessories that Klein Tools offers.

How to Run/Fish Electrical Wire Through Walls & Ceilings

Get expert advice on how to fish electrical wires through walls and ceilings with only a few common tools. Running electrical wires allows you to add additional outlets or switches where needed....

Fishing Tips - Haywire Twist

WEBSITE: This is a fishing tutorial video that shows how to tie a haywire twist. The haywire twist is used with singe strand wire. Single strand wire is used...

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