Fishing Urn Necklace

Fishing Urn Necklace
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[Commentary] Decorated Fishing Urn at Shilo Village [Guide]

Thumbs up if you enjoyed my Shilo Village Fishing Guide Song: Dj Cafe(Remix) by Elysium Plus.

Fishing w/ Urns [Recent]

I have compressed screen in th the vid, in theory something like 15 urns can be used/hr, since it is 2500 fishing exp to fill an urn, depending on the urn size. This vid is in f2p, and members...

Man searches for pendant with infant son's ashes

Cameron Pacheco says he normally never takes the necklace off outside of his home, and he hasn't given up hope that the pendant will be found.

Runescape 1-99 Fishing Guide 2014 - AFK and Fastest XP Methods [P2P & F2P]

Helpful INFO and LINKS down here! How to make URNS Guide: C2 FISHING + WOODCUTTING Guide: Any questions...

Runescape - Is Attuned Ectoplasmator Worth Using?

In this video I compare the attuned ectoplasmator to using infernal urns, which both can be very effective in making your life easier during slayer & certain bosses. Thanks for watching guys!...

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