Fishing Pole

Fishing Pole
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Chess Traps- Fishing Pole

The Fishing Pole is one of the hardest chess traps not to fall into. White has so many opportunities to hang himself and black simply waits to see if he takes the bait. If white never does...

Rocket Fishing Rod Catches Fish In Ocean Challenge!?!

The Rocket Fishing Rod is BACK!! but this time I chose to do something a little different and decided to take it to the OCEAN! We set up a challenge, rocket fishing rod vs my normal setup....

Best Fishing Rods for New Fisherman

Its crazy how many brands, lengths, powers, and types of rods are on the market! Tim helps make sense of it all by recommending the 3 rods that you need as a new angler. Tim's Recommended...

Little Boy Catches Fish with Toy Rod

Bet this guy didn't expect to catch anything with his toy fishing pole! Video courtesy of Jukin' Media Subscribe to HuffPost today: Get More HuffPost Read: http://www.huffing...

Fishing with 30' bamboo poles - pole fishing for carp

Fishing with 30' bamboo poles is an absolute trip! The fight is 10 times harder and without drag these catfish and carp and much harder to land. We had a ball, though trying to film while fishing...

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