Fishing Line

Fishing Line
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Choosing Fishing Line: Monofilament vs Braid vs Fluorocarbon

Choosing fishing line. Know the difference between Monofilament vs Braid vs Fluorocarbon. All the pros and cons,

Braid Vs Mono Vs Fluorocarbon - Best Fishing Line Type - Full Comparison / Review

There is no "best" fishing line type for spinning reels, baitcaster, or bass. Mono, braid, and fluorocarbon all work well with every type of reel, it's just the conditions you need to change...

Going To The City Of Johnsons

READ the description for MORE DETAILS (including gear used)! Like my creations?! Support me financially on Patreon: UPLOADS EVERY 2 DAYS!...

Fishing Line | How It's Made

Find out how today's synthetic fishing line is woven, baked, tested and spooled to be extra durable. | Watch full episodes:

Fishing for Beginners - Types of Fishing Line.

Choosing the right line can be confusing. Here's a rundown on the characteristics of the four major types of line. Facebook -

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