Fishing Line Clear

Fishing Line Clear
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Underwater Test of Fishing Line Colors

This video looks at line underwater to see which colors disappear the most in different conditions with different back drops. Whereas some manufacturers claim that red line disappears underwater...

Fishing Fluorocarbon Line In Clear-Water Brush - Hook n' Look Splash #25

A "Splash" of angling information with an underwater point of view. Hook n' Look Splash Episode #25 displays the benefits of fluorocarbon line, as apposed to braid, when fishing heavy cover—in...

SpiderWire Stealth Translucent Braid

Introducing Stealth Translucent, a highly visible white braid coated with a “clear coat” finish that reflects light for a semi-transparent appearance below water. SpiderWire Stealth Translucen...

Underwater Visibility Test of Braided Fishing Lines

We've compared different color monofilament and flourocarbon lines but today we wanted to compare braided lines. We put white, blue, yellow, red, orange, and green 40 lb braided lines on our...

Line Visibility Test

What line is best for you? Braid, mono, fluoro, or a combination with a leader. It's one question that will probably never be answered but it sure is fun to argue the merits of each.

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