Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots
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10 Fishing knots for hooks, lure and swivels - How to tie a fishing knot

These are 10 fishing knot for hooks. These are also fishing knots for lure, swivels and more. This video explains how to tie a fishing knot; How to tie a palomar knot; how to tie a knotless...

EASIEST fishing knot! How to tie palomar knot - Fishing knots for lure, hooks, swivels

The Palomar knot is probably the easiest fishing knot. The palomar knot is one of the best fishing knots for lures, hooks or swivels. In this video I demonstrate how to tie the palomar knot...

The Only Fishing Knot You Need | The Uni Knot | Saltwater Experience

WEBSITE: Video Description... Tom Rowland shows how the Uni Knot can be used to set up an entire fishing outfit from the bare spool to the hook, including tying...

How to Tie a Loop Knot for Fishing - Knot Contest WINNER!

This video shows in detail how to tie a strong loop knot for fishing. It's name is the"Non-Slip Loop knot" and it also seems to be called the "Kreh Loop Knot". This Loop Knot is very popular...

Best Fishing Knot

The Palomar fishing knot is a strong, quick and easy knot to tie when your using monofilament line or leader. This is the single Palomar, when you're using braided line, you will want to...

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