Fishing Frogs

Fishing Frogs
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Fishing Frogs and Senkos for HUGE Bass!!!

One of the greatest days of bass fishing yet this year! my buddy Jake and I hit up a local lake in Nebraska and CRUSHED the largemouth! Jake even broke his PB! Such a great time catching bass...

BANK FISHING with Frogs in the THICK Grass!!

Buy a Quint Slaunch Tee ▻ GIVEAWAY WINNER ▻Lojo Fishing I attacked a few small local lakes from the bank that were loaded with duckweed and milfoil....

Bullfrogs are Cannibals!

In case you didn't know, bullfrogs will eat just about anything that will fit in their mouth and that includes other frogs. Using hollow body frogs is probably the best way to catch them with...

BULL FROG Catch and Cook! (SO DELICIOUS!!!)

SUBSCRIBE for more catch and cook VIDEOS!! My son and I hit a little city pond to try and catch some BULL FROGS for dinner! We made quick work of it, and ended up keeping 9 GIANT frogs with...

Bass Fishing with Frogs Mid Day

CHECK OUT THE FROGS I LIKE TO USE HERE The frog bite doesn't just happen at dark. You can fish vegetation...

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