Fishing Floats

Fishing Floats
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Bait fishing with bobbers - Float fishing - how to catch fish with bobber

Bait fishing with bobbers, float or strike indicators. How to catch fish. Float fishing. Fishing with a bobber. The hooksetters bobber (the one that takes the glow bracelets) http://hooksetterusa...

How to Setup/Rig/Tie a Fishing Bobber or Float! Quick And Easy!

in this video i am showing you how to make a super easy bobber fishing rig/setup the really takes no skill to do and anybody can fish with it. this setup is great for perch, bluegill, crappie,...

Making Fishing Floats (bobbers) on a Hand Cranked Lathe

Building a hand cranked lathe and turning balsa fishing floats (bobbers) I have always been a bit envious of fly tiers; not because of the work the produce but the iddy, biddy workspace and...

Types of Fishing Floats/Bobbers

Floats aka bobbers, types and styles.

How to set up a Fishing Float | TAFishing

Float Fishing is a very traditional method of fishing that is still widely used here in the UK. But setting up a fishing float can be difficult. In this video Dave shows you how to set up your...

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