Fishing Egg Weights Sinkers

Fishing Egg Weights Sinkers
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Fishing Tips : How to Place Sinkers

When fishing, a trolling sinker should be used in high-speed trolling, an egg sinker should be used to slide on the actual line, and a bank sinker keeps the weight on the bottom. Discover how...

DIY: How To Make Fishing Weights/Sinkers at Home!!

This is how i make my lead weights at home for little or no money. I bought the molds years ago. They are DO-IT Molds. I made only 14 and 16oz lead weights. Be very careful when doing this....

Bullet Weights Egg Sinker Carolina Rig

Dr. Jason Halfren shows how to tie and fish a Carolina Rig using a Bullet Weights egg sinker.

Making egg sinkers.

Fishing Knots: How to Tie a Sliding Sinker Rig

A sliding sinker fishing rig is another you tie together on the end of your line to help you catch fish, as different environments will call for different types of fishing rigs. A sliding sinker...

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