Fishing Beads

Fishing Beads
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Bead Fishing 101 | Big Y Fly Co.

Nick Myron with Big Y Fly Co. discusses a popular method of fishing for steelhead; using beads. From how to rig them up to the various color options available, this is a general explanation...

How to use beads for trout fishing | Boatless Angler

Perfect day for Trout Fishing today! We're doing something a little different; when you can't get your hands on roe bags, a great alternative is to use a bead. I'm using a medium sized glow...

Steelhead Float Fishing on Bead Rigging and the Best Colors for the Egg Bite.

Steelhead Float Fishing is incredibly deadly from the rivers of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California all the way across to the Great Lakes. Rivers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York,...

Dress up fishing rigs with color beads

A little decoration on your fishing rigs might make a difference on a slow day of fishing.

Float Fishing: How to setup trout beads.

Here is a short tutorial for anglers looking to learn a few different ways to attach or affix trout beads to your line for targeting salmon and other migratory species. Please feel free to...

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