Fishing Bait

Fishing Bait
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Micro Fishing! HOW TO CATCH BAIT FISH!!!

This is a video of how Bryan and I catch our bait fish. We have included some awesome underwater eats. The Jewel Cichlids are an invasive species down in Miami and the bass LOVE them. http://Mon...

LIVE BAIT vs. ARTIFICIAL LURE Fishing Challenge -- Which Catches BIGGER Fish???

Ever since I was young, I was always told that to catch more fish, and bigger fish, live bait was always the best option to choose. After fishing for over a decade with both live and artificial...


Mike & Graeme give you their Totally Awesome Top 5 Fishing baits that you can get in a Supermarket. These are all cheap baits which are seriously good for both sea fishing and freshwater fishing....

Beginner's Guide to BASS FISHING - Part 5 - Baits and Tackle

An introduction to bass fishing baits, lures, and tackle are discussed in Part 5 of the Beginner's Guide to Bass Fishing presented by HatCamBass. Also, learn which baits are essential for...

Pier Fishing: Which works better? Lures VS Live bait

It's the ultimate pier fishing faceoff between live bait and lures. Live bait is always a winner, but lately it seems like lures are taking over the game. Today...representing team Live Bait….B...

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