Fishing 3 Hook

Fishing 3 Hook
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Fishing A Three-Way Setup With A Circle Hook and Live Bait

Blaine Anderson, pro staff, explains how he rigs and fishes a three-way swivel setup with a circle hook and live bait.

Sea Fishing Rigs - THE 3 HOOK FLAPPER - TAFishing Show The Totally Awesome Fishing Show brings you SEA RIGS! Tony Kirrage from Tony's Tackle in Eastbourne, shows you how to tie the 3 hook flapper rig and he...

How to tie 3 hook salmon leaders and rigs

Tying a very effective 3 hook leader for using herring, anchovies or prawns as salmon bait.

#3 My favorite fishing knot | How to tie a fishing hook to a line

Fishing knot, quick tutorial for beginners, quick and easy and very strong knot to tie a fishing hook to a fishing line. This is my favorite knot but I don't know it's name. If you know some...

How to tie a Snell Knot on a Treble Hook

Basic tutorial on how to snell a treble hook. It seemed like some people had trouble with it so I thought I would make a video. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment. Please...

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