Fishing 2Oz Weights

Fishing 2Oz Weights
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Fishing Tips : How to Place Sinkers

When fishing, a trolling sinker should be used in high-speed trolling, an egg sinker should be used to slide on the actual line, and a bank sinker keeps the weight on the bottom. Discover how...

Bike Recovery And Free Fishing Weights Adventure

Bike Recovery And Free Fishing Weights Adventure This is the result of yesterdays fishing. I was out of egg sinkers and I saw that bike that was thrown into the water. Egg sinkers are expensive...

Uncle Josh Fishing Mats with Kalin's Sizmic Warhead Weight

Matt Bichanich of Uncle Josh, parent company of the Kalin's brand, demonstrates the use of the Kalin's Sizmic Warhead Weight to rig soft plastic baits so they will punch through matted surface...

Pier Fishing: A Fishing Rig to Catch More Fish

Want to learn a Pier fishing rig to catch more fish? I'll show you my favorite fishing rig to use while pier fishing. Pier fishing is a perfect time to use this rig because it is easy to...

Bass Fishing Tips - How to Fish a Plastic Worm

Are you wondering how to catch bass on a worm? Check out this quick informative video as I go over MY TOP 3 WAYS I like to fish a worm to catch bass. These 3 techniques can be used with almost...

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