Fishing 2018

Fishing 2018
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Bass Fishing 2018 - Crushing It at the Spillway! (Extremely Lucky)

This was my first bass fishing trip to the spillway in 2018, and it was a huge success! The spillway was under heavy construction with both banks dug out, which allowed me to fish the bank...

Noosa Offshore Kayak Fishing Tournament 2018

Each year Noosa comp grows bigger. This year there were 60+ entrants! It always seems to be a scorching day with lots of ground to cover but it hasn't disappointed yet with the comp again producing...

Here it is Fishing ++ !!! You will not believe !!! 2018 ## 163

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Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing 2018 ! Catching Bass With Live Shiners

Folks, today we head to Lake Guntersville in search of some big bass! Join me on my adventure! I hope you enjoy the video! Subscribe To The Machine!

Spring Crappie Fishing 2018!

Here in the Tennessee Valley, we have experienced a series of cold fronts sense the start of spring. This has cause the crappie in our lakes and river systems, to be scattered at times. We...

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