Exercise Over 50

Exercise Over 50
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Fitness for Women Over 50

How should you train and eat if you are a woman over 50? Today's episode is a workout and interview with Jessica's mom Desiree who is 58 years old, sharing some of her wisdom on how she has...

What's Causing Your Belly Fat After 50 and How To Lose It

What's Causing Your Belly Fat After 50 and How To Lose It is more than just eating too much or exercising too little. Those are often not it at all. You may be eating too little and or exercising...

Workout For Older Men: The A-40 Core Set

Train Like A Man Over 40 Should: http://go2.sixpackshortcuts.com/SH1A0 Hey guys I want to show you all one of my all time favorite core-chiseling exercise techniques that I like to call the...

Easy Cardio Workout for Women Over 50, Mirabai Holland

20 Minute Easy Cardio Workout for Women over 50 by Certified Exercise Physiologist and Certified Health Coach Mirabai Holland MFA. Visit http://www.mirabaiholland.com Workout features Mirabai's...

Best Exercise For Women Over 50! - 2018 - fabulous50s

Learn the Number 1 BEST EXERCISE for women over 50... and If you only do one exercise...this is it! Learn why the Chinese or Asian squat is the most important and most beneficial exercise...

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