Carp Fishing Equipment

Carp Fishing Equipment
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How to catch carp - Introduction to carp fishing gear -carp kit -Tackle Den

How to catch carp. The Tackle Den in South Cerney, UK.This is an introduction to carp fishing gear (AKA carp kit). A really quick and basic intro to as many pieces of carp fishing gear as i...

How to Catch Carp cheaply - Affordable carp fishing rod, reel, line, bait and tackle.

I go out to an American Sporting Goods store with $40 and buy everything I need to start carp fishing. Carp fishing rods, reel, hooks, bait, line, ect. and Then I make carp bait with ingredients...

Choosing the right Carp Fishing Rod from Fishtec

Carp Rods: Carp fishing expert Dave Lane talks through the ins and outs of buying the best carp rod for your...

Choosing the right Carp Fishing Reel from Fishtec Choosing the right carp fishing reel for all your carp fishing is essential. Dave Lane talks about...

Basic Carp Fishing Gear

Here is a short video reviewing the gear that I use to catch carp quickly and consistently.

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