Baby Swimming Ring

Baby Swimming Ring
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First time using swimava baby ring

Jude, 5 months, in our bath tub using the new floatie. Loves it! We use it all the time now. Great exercise.

Baby Neck Float Swimming

Baby Neck Float Swimming. Sing up today and get 10% discount Baby Neck Float Swimming Design Pool Floaties & Baby Floats. Before your baby can walk or even crawl,...

Baby Swim Trainer | Available at

FREDS SWIM ACADEMY's SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is not a regular swimming ring sold in today's market. It is a swim learning aid which enables your child to learn the ideal swimming method from...

First time swim with baby neck ring..adam excited


After getting the go ahead from our pediatrician, we decided to try out the baby neck float everyone is talking about! It was definitely interesting. 🙂 Make sure to ask your pediatrician before...

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